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Return Policy

For any adjustment of any kind you must show PROOF OF PURCHASE

Customer Disappointment: 

We do not and cannot warrant that you will like any particular wine.  Taste is individual.  If a wine is sound and you did not like it and you return the bottle minus one glass we will offer you a 10% discount on any simliarly priced bottle.

If you purchased more than one bottle we will take back all the bottles subject to the folllowing.

Bad Bottle Return: 

Upon return of the mostly full bottle of wine:

If you purchased a bottle in the past  60 days and it was Corked or had another Fault that was not due to storage or abuse we will refund your purchase no questions asked.

Returning Unopened Merchandise within 30 days only:

If you purchased more wine or spirits than you needed we will allow you to return the wine subject to the following:

Up to 11 bottles we will give you a full store credit or refund at your option with no charge.

For over 11 bottles we will give you a full store credit or refund minus a $1 per bottle restocking fee of the amount returned.

If you bring back your return there is no pick up charge. UPS charges apply to orders shipped back to us (on a label we provide).

We do not take back for refund or credit wine that has been chilled, labels that have been spoiled, scuffed or marked or if in our opinion the wine is not resalable.

Older and Rare Items:

Older bottles (more than 10 years old) are sold as is and are not returnable, that is why it is absolutely vital to inspect old bottles. We are willing and able to email you pictures of our older bottles if you cannot come into the store.

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